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 Formulary Chapter 11: Eye - Full Section

Review date: July 2019

Non-formulary drugs - any drug or formulation not listed in the formulary is deemed to be non-formulary.

Paediatrics - all drugs are deemed to have the same RAG status as they have for adults unless stated otherwise.

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11.01 Administration of drugs to the eye
11.02 Control of microbial contamination
11.03 Anti-infective eye preparations
11.03.01 Antibacterials
11.03.02 Antifungals
11.03.03 Antivirals
11.03.04 Intra-ocular anti-infective preparations
Subconjunctival injections
Intravitreal and intracameral injections
11.04 Corticosteroids and other anti-inflammatory preparations
11.04.01 Corticosteroids
Corticosteroids combined with antimicrobials
Intravitreal corticosteroids
11.04.02 Other anti-inflammatory preparations
11.05 Mydriatics and cycloplegics
11.06 Treatment of glaucoma
Prostaglandin analogues and prostamides
Combination products prostaglandin anologues with timolol
Combination products sympathomimetics plus timolol
Combination products sympathomimetic plus carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors topical preparations
Combination products topical carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with timolol
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors systemic agents
11.07 Local anaesthetics
11.08 Miscellaneous ophthalmic preparations
11.08.01 Tear deficiency, ocular lubricants, and astringents
Initial management of dry eyes in primary care
Ocular surface disease diagnosed and managed by secondary care
11.08.02 Ocular diagnostic and peri-operative preparations and photodynamic treatment
Ocular diagnostic preparations
Ocular peri-operative drugs
Subfoveal choroidal neovascularisation
Vitreomacular traction
11.10 Additional treatments used in the management of ophthalmic conditions not listed in BNF chapter 11 Miscellaneous