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 Formulary Chapter 12: Ear, nose and oropharynx - Full Section

Review date: November 2018

Non-formulary drugs: Any drug or formulation not listed in the formulary is deemed to be non-formulary.

Paediatrics: All drugs are deemed to have the same RAG status as they have for adults unless stated otherwise.

NHS England Specialised Commissioning
Drugs carrying the NHS England logo are commissioned by them. Links to key documents, national programmes of care, and clinical reference groups are found below.

NHSE NHS England Specialised Commissioning: Key documents

NHSE NHS England Specialised Commissioning: National programmes of care and clinical reference groups

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12.01 Drugs acting on the ear
12.01.01 Otitis externa
Astringent preparations
Anti-inflammatory preparations
Anti-infective preparations
12.01.02 Otitis media
12.01.03 Removal of ear wax
12.02 Drugs acting on the nose
12.02.01 Drugs used in nasal allergy
12.02.02 Topical nasal decongestants
12.02.03 Nasal preparations for infection
12.03 Drugs acting on the oropharynx
12.03.01 Drugs for oral ulceration and inflammation
12.03.02 Oropharyngeal anti-infective drugs
12.03.03 Lozenges and sprays
12.03.04 Mouthwashes, gargles, and dentifrices
12.03.05 Treatment of dry mouth
Local Treatment
Systemic treatment