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 Formulary Chapter 3: Respiratory system - Full Section

Review date: September 2018

Non-formulary drugs: Any drug or formulation not listed in the formulary is deemed to be non-formulary.

Paediatrics: All drugs are deemed to have the same RAG status as they have for adults unless stated otherwise.

NHS England Specialised Commissioning
Drugs carrying the NHS England logo are commissioned by them. Links to key documents, national programmes of care, and clinical reference groups are found below.

NHSE NHS England Specialised Commissioning: Key documents

NHSE NHS England Specialised Commissioning: National programmes of care and clinical reference groups

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03.01 Bronchodilators
03.01.01 Adrenoceptor agonists Selective Beta2 agonists
Short-acting beta2 agonists
Long-acting beta2 agonists Other adrenoceptor agonists
03.01.02 Antimuscarinic bronchodilators
03.01.03 Theophylline
03.01.04 Compound bronchodilator preparations
03.01.05 Peak flow meters, inhaler devices and nebulisers
Peak flow meters
Drug delivery devices
Nebuliser Diluent
03.02 Corticosteroids
03.03 Cromoglicate, related therapy and leukotriene receptor antagonists
03.03.01 Cromoglicate and related therapy
03.03.02 Leukotriene receptor antagonists
03.03.03 Phosphodiesterase type-4 inhibitors
03.04 Antihistamines, hyposensitisation, and allergic emergencies
03.04.01 Antihistamines
Non-sedating antihistamines
Sedating antihistamines
03.04.02 Allergen Immunotherapy
Mepolizumab & Omalizumab
03.04.03 Allergic emergencies
03.05 Respiratory stimulants and pulmonary surfactants
03.05.01 Respiratory stimulants
03.05.02 Pulmonary surfactants
03.06 Oxygen
Long-term oxygen therapy
Short burst oxygen therpary
Ambulatory oxygen therapy
Oxygen therapy equipment
Arrangements for supplying oxygen
03.07 Mucolytics
03.08 Aromatic inhalations
03.09 Cough preparations
03.09.01 Cough suppressants
03.09.02 Expectorant and demulcent cough preparations
03.10 Systemic nasal decongestants
03.11 Antifibrotics